by redzone



Einfangen is a sonic symphony in a single movement.
It is Redzone in the act of transformation, mutation.

Justin assumes the role of drummer;
Ami dons Justin's Stratocaster fed through a pantheonic array of pedal effects;
Tim sends his electric double bass through a Big Muff distortion pedal;
Joseph steps in to replace Ami on electric violin.

The electrochemical circuits click; energy flows through the system. Spontaneous passages of dark rhythmic harmony blend into eruptions of anarchic sonic experimentation, interspersed with sweet melodic phrases and expansive sonic landscapes.

'Einfangen' is an unedited recording of a live, improvised performance by Redzone from January 20th 2013. It has been mastered for release but is otherwise unaltered.


released May 4, 2013

Electric Guitar and Effects | Ami Wilson
Electric Double Bass and Effects | Tim Gagen
Electric Violin and Effects| Joseph Dwyer
Electronic Percussion and Effects | Justin Gagen


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